Old sheriff's car with a Siren in Hackb
description: HACKBERRY, ARIZONA, USA - MAY 19, 2016 : Old sheriff's car wreck with a siren left abandoned near the Hackberry General Store. Hackberry General Store is a famous stop on the historic Route 66.
keywords: 1940s, 1950s, General Store, Hackberry, Mohave, abandoned, advertisements, aged, america, antique, antiques, arizona, attraction, automobile, car, chevrolet, chevy, classic, desert, deserted, gas, gasoline, highway, historic, history, landmark, mojave, mother road, nostalgia, old, outdoor, pump, retro, route 66, rural, rust, rusty, sherif, siren, souvenirs, station, store, transport, transportation, travel, usa, vehicle, vintage, western, wreck
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