View from Offersoykammen, Lofoten islands, Norwa
description: View from Offersoykammen. Offersoykammen is a peak rising from the waters of the Nappstraumen on the western edge of Vestvagoy island, Lofoten, Norway. Long Exposure.
keywords: Nappstraumen, Norway, Offersoykammen, Vestvagoy, above, aerial, archipelago, arctic, birdseye, climbing, clouds, cloudy, day, fiord, fjord, freedom, grass, high, hiking, hill, island, landscape, lofoten, long exposure, motion blur, mountains, nature, nordland, north, ocean, outdoors, overlook, path, peaks, rocks, scandinavia, scene, scenery, scenic, sea, sky, stones, summer, summit, top, trail, trekking, view, water
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