Red harbor houses in Svolvaer, Norway at sunset
description: SVOLVAER, LOFOTEN ISLANDS, NORWAY - AUGUST 3, 2015 : Typical red harbor houses in Svolvaer at sunset. Svolvaer is located in Nordland County on the island of Austvagoya. Long exposure.
keywords: Nordland county, Norway, arctic, beautiful, cloud, coast, colorful, cottages, evening, harbor, homes, houses, island, lake, landscape, light, lodge, lodging, lofoten, long exposure, mirror, morning, motion blur, nordland, norwegian, outdoor, pano, panorama, panoramic, peace, peaceful, red, reflection, romantic, rorbu, rorbuer, scandinavia, scene, scenery, sea, sky, summer, sunrise, sunset, tourism, town, travel, typical, village, water
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