Statue of Selkie or Seal Wife in Mikladalur, Far
description: Statue of Selkie or Seal Wife in the village of Mikladalur on Kalsoy, Faroe islands. Selkies are mythological creatures found in Irish, Scottish, and Faroese folklore. Long exposure.
keywords: Faroe Islands, Faroese, Irish, Kalsoy, Mikladalur, Scottish, armor, cliff, coast, creature, culture, denmark, fairy, fantasy, folklore, legend, lost, love, magic, mermaid, merman, mythical, mythological, mythology, nautical, ocean, phantasy, romance, sailor, sculpture, sea, sea nymph, sea witch, seaman, seashells, selkies, sexy, siren, staircase, stairs, statue, steps, tradition, traditional, vertical, water, woman
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